Ford Focusing

ford-focusThe Ford Focus is a compact car currently offered in sedan, wagon, and three-door and five-door hatchback body styles. It is also one of Ford’s most popular small cars of all time.

The Ford Focus was first introduced in the 2000 model year was designed to be a “world car,” meaning that it has been sold around the world in the same basic form as the car sold in the United States. Focus models sold from 2000-’03 came with either an anemic SOHC, 2.0-liter inline four-cylinder engine rated for 110 horsepower or a preferable DOHC 2.0-liter engine called the Zetec that was good for 130 hp. In 2004, however, Ford added a 2.3-liter inline four to the lineup that offered 145 hp and cleaner emissions. The 2.3-liter was optional on all 2004 Focus models except in some states.

In 2005, Ford Focus has undergone major refreshing by providing cosmetic changes on the outside, a revised control layout inside and a new engine lineup. Numerous body styles and trim-levels combinations also became available. The ZX3 (three-door) and ZX5 (five-door) hatchbacks are available in S, SE and SES trims, while the ZXW wagon comes in SE or SES only. The ZX4 sedan is available in S, SE, SES and the sport-flavored ST.

Behind the huge success of the Ford Focus are its Ford Focus parts which work together to bring only the best performance. These Ford parts include the radiator, alternator, AC condenser, fuel system, exhaust system and lots of other quality parts. All these Ford Focus parts, both simple and complex, contribute to the overall performance of the For Focus and this is the main reason why they should be properly maintained at all times. Ford Focus performance parts and Ford Focus aftermarket parts are available in the market nowadays.

The Ford Focus is one of the most admired Ford vehicles for its expressive styling. But there is still a number of ways on how to further improve its looks and personality. One such way is to have Ford fenders. Ford fenders are the panels mounted on the sides of the vehicle positioned in front of the doors which allow the integration of wider and larger wheels that will give the vehicle a more muscular look and wider stance. These are usually made of high rated stainless steel for stronger protection and resistance against corrosion and rust Moreover, some fenders are ergonomically designed to avoid wind resistance and make the vehicle more aerodynamic and others have extended fender designs to avoid mud splashes and road debris hits. Ford fenders do not only enhance the looks of a Ford vehicle but they also provide essential functions as well. Also offered in the market are Fender Flares, Fender Trim, Custom Fenders, Chrome Fender Trim, Fender Skirts, and stainless steel fender trim and fender parts.

It’s Electric!

This vehicle will be important for two big reasons: it will replace the current American spec model with the European derived one, offering a better-looking, more fuel efficient and updated package. It will also allow customers to buy an electric car if they choose to do so, though the gas version producing 40 mpg on the highway may be sufficient for most drivers.

What was so special about the 2012 Focus BEV? Well, it was the same car produced for the Jay Leno Show as part of the TV personality’s bid to showcase green cars. This specially developed prototype is based on the Focus SVT, a car sold in Europe and considered by some to be the sportiest and fastest compact car on the market.

But, that was just the exterior of the vehicle — underneath the Focus BEV featured an honest to goodness lithium-ion battery pack, exactly like the one that will be found in production versions of this car. This particular prototype functioned just as well as a production car, with none of the customary squeaks, rattles and unfinished compartments apparent.

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